Stay True to Yourself with True Food Kitchen

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Photo Credit: @justfoodluv

Why True Food Kitchen?

  • Friendly for gluten-free eaters, vegetarians, vegans, and customization to “your way”
  • Motto is “Better food means better living”
  • Menu created under the principles of anti-inflammatory pyramid
  • Founder of True Food Kitchen is Dr. Andrew Weil
    • Physician
    • Doctor of Integrative Medicine
    • Believes in the philosophy of “food should make you feel better, not worse”
  • Ingredients are always in season 
    • 100% of kale used in the kitchen are organically grown in San Miguel Farms
  • Locations
    • Arizona / California / Colorado / Florida / Georgia / Illinois / Louisiana / Maryland / Missouri / Nevada / Ohio / Pennsylvania / Tennessee / Texas / Virginia

What dishes did I try from my recent visit?

  • Drinks
    • Iced Water with a side of lemons [complimentary]
    • Lavender Iced Tea [$5] [Seasonal Summer Menu]
  • Appetizer
    • Edamame Dumplings [$10] [VEG]
  • Main Dishes
    • Fennel Chicken Sausage Pizza [$14]
    • Teriyaki Quinoa with Tofu [$14] [GF/V]
    • Grilled Salmon (cooked in medium rare) [$23]
  • Dessert
    • Flourless Chocolate Cake [$7] [GF/VEG]


Lavender Iced Tea | Herbal Butterfly Pea Flower | Lavender | Lemon | Bubbly Water |

@justfoodluv and @_dinewgrace ordered the seasonal beverage. I personally do not like bubbly water, I like plain water with no bubbles or added flavor. I have tried lavender lattes before but never lavender iced tea. Even though I do not like bubbly water more than they do, I drank more of their beverage than they did. They disliked the sour taste from the drink, but it was not sour for me. I liked the citrus flavor in the drink, however disliked the sparkling bubble taste from the bubbly water. The color was stunning, I could not stop admiring the color of the drink. The purple from the lavender leaves and the flower went well with the pop of yellow color from the lemon.

Edamame Dumplings | Dashi | White Truffle Oil | Asian Herbs |

@justfoodluv ordered the dish for @_dinewgrace and I to try and I am thankful she did. The main ingredients listed above and on their menu blended so well together, a trifecta! Dashi is a type of Japanese soup/cooking stock made of three main ingredients: water, kombu, and bonito fish flakes. (Source) The flavors of the asian herbs like cilantro, edamame, white truffle oil, and dashi mixed so well; the perfect balance. Team True created an edamame-morable dish to remember!

Grilled Salmon | Caramelized Onion Farro | Quinoa | Arugula | Roasted Beet | Cilantro Pumpkin Seed Pesto |

Photo Credit: @eatingwithmichelley

@justfoodluv ordered the grilled salmon as her main dish. And she ordered her salmon in medium rare. The green sauce was eye catching! After sampling her dish, I can see why my eyes were glued on the green sauce because it held the dish together. In my opinion, if the dish did not have the pesto sauce it would not have been the same dish. Who would have thought to pair pumpkin seeds with pesto for salmon? A true genius. If you never paired quinoa with salmon, I highly recommend. This was the second time trying a salmon dish with quinoa. First time trying this pair was at BJ’s.

Teriyaki Quinoa | Broccoli | Heirloom Carrot | Bok Choy | Mushroom | Brown Rice | Avocado | Toasted Sesame |

Wow, this dish surpassed my low expectations (in a good way). The teriyaki sauce was not too salty or too sweet. I customized the dish with tofu. The tofu was crunchy, chewy, and firm. I fell in love with the bowl all over again at every bite. I am so glad I challenged myself to try a new dish on the menu because I usually order the Margherita pizza. I do not know about you, but if I like a dish I am a total dish repeater. @_dinewgrace loved it as well because she asked for more! Great minds eat alike. Also, whoever thought to put avocados in a teriyaki bowl is a true genius! My favorite part of the bowl was the bok choy. I love love love bok choy! I was ecstatic to read the True Team decided to add bok choy in their teriyaki quinoa. This dish is truly my top three favorites because it was truly different from other teriyaki bowls I have tried.

Chicken Sausage Pizza | Crushed DiNapoli Tomato | Roasted Fennel | Smoked Gouda |

Photo Credit: @justfoodluv

@_dinewgrace ordered the chicken sausage pizza as her main dish. I was delighted to try a new pizza dish because I usually order the Margherita pizza. My favorite part of the pizza was the smoked gouda cheese. Gouda cheese paired well with the other ingredients. The pizza dough was baked perfectly like always. The crust is extra crunchy yet soft to chew on.

I was impressed how the toppings did not fall off when we personally cut the pizza slices completely with a butter knife. My go to meat toppings for pizzas are pepperoni, but this topped off the other chicken pizzas I tried. I do not know if it was the chicken or the fennel or the cheese (most likely the cheese) but this changed my opinion for chicken sausage toppings for pizzas. If you have not tried this pizza, I highly recommend. This was the most popular dish on our table.

Flourless Chocolate Cake | Caramel | Almond | Vanilla Ice Cream | Cacao Nib |

@_dinewgrace picked the dessert for our table. This was the first time trying a dish from their dessert menu. I am usually too full to even to think about dessert, but True Food Kitchen is based on anti-inflammatory diet so I was not full at all. The cake was truly “flourless”! The cake was flourless like I was biting into a chocolate flavored cloud. I wonder where they purchase their cacao nib ingredient because a chocolate cake is not complete without the perfectly sourced cacao nib. Thank you @_dinewgrace for introducing this dessert to my life!

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